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Orange Klik | Preparing Your Amazon FBA Business For An Exit – A Q&A With FBA Aggregator unybrands
Here you will learn about exiting Amazon FBA businesses & how to prepare for it including strengthening your business's operations with the goal of increasing its value, to giving you a glance of what other variables acquirers could eventually notice when rating it to ensure your next exit is as profitable as possible.
The Fortia Group | Growing Brands Through Smart Operations
If you are considering an exit in 2022, or an active seller growing your eCommerce business, then this listen to leading aggregators as they discuss topics such as supply chain, content, PPC, technology, data and more.
Orange Klik | How to Launch Amazon FBA Products with Sponsored Ads DE
In this podcast, you will learn various strategies to launching a product on Amazon and how Sponsored Ads will be a key part in every case & how it can help you boost your brand-new product's sales velocity and ranking efforts
The Fortia Group | Demystifying LOIs DE
Tune in here to check out a key discussion of the important points of LOIs with law firms and legal counsels of aggregators with unybrands VP of Operations and General Counsel, Richard Cohen
The Fortia Group | Is 2022 The Right Time To Sell Your Business? DE
In this webinar, unybrands’ Director of Growth EMEA Alexey Lankin joins The Fortia Group, one of the leading M&A firms focused exclusively on e-commerce exits, on whether or not 2022 is the right time to sell your business.
Zentail | Secrets from an Amazon Aggregator DE
Tune into this exclusive webinar with Zentail on the secret strategies of Amazon aggregators, and learn how to future-proof your business like a successful acquirer to take your brand to the next level.
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