Our Values
We proudly stand behind our core values at unybrands placing a focus on the brands we acquire, and making sure sellers and teams alike are part of the unybrands family.
we serve our customers
Check out some common questions sellers ask. Didn’t see your question? Ask one of our experts and we’ll give you an answer tailored to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with unybrands?
We look at your brand specifically and tailor a strategy that fit your needs. We are serial strategic buyers of e-commerce, Amazon FBA and DTC brands and work fast, reliably, and with integrity. Our expert team will be by your side throughout the entire acquisition process. We are technology and data-driven and operate on a global scale with our teams on both sides of the Atlantic. We focus on long term growth, sustainability, and take on the responsibility to bring your legacy to the next level. Our streamlined process will save you time and money and allow your business to thrive under our wing.
Will my business continue to thrive?
With years of experience from both corporate and start-up environments, our team of highly-skilled brand managers have the expertise and passion for scaling and growing e-commerce businesses. We understand how important your business is to you, and we assure you that it is equally as important to us!
What happens in due diligence?
During this process, our expert Investments and Integrations team evaluates and verifies all financial records and additional information to ensure that all material provided matches our expectations. Our team will work with you side by side to help ensure you are comfortable throughout and that the process is seamless.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes! If you know someone looking to sell their Amazon FBA or Shopify DTC business let us know! We have developed one of the most generous referral programs in the industry where you can earn up to $500,000+. Simply introduce us to a brand and we’ll compensate after a successful acquisition.
How much is my business worth?

Each business is different, our streamlined business analysis process will get you an accurate picture of how much your business is worth. We evaluate your business and pride ourselves on giving a generous and fair deal. Connect with our team to find out how much your business is worth by emailing growth@unybrands.com.

What kind of brands are you looking for?
Our strategy focuses on investing in long term value, growth & sustainability across all levers of our value chain. We focus on acquiring brands that fall within 8 specific verticals: Juvenile & Baby, garden & outdoor, sports & fitness, lifestyle, arts, culinary and home, personal care, home care, pet care, and supplements. This allows us to focus on our expertise within each category, and provide you as a seller with the best outcome in order to see your brand grow and thrive.
How fast is unybrands’ process?
While each brand and business has specificities and differences, our dedicated team works around the clock to help turnaround a deal from start to finish in as quickly as 4 weeks. We have mastered the task of acquiring brands and work with you side by side in order to guide you through all steps.
Is my information safe?
Yes! As an established, technology first company, we have established and certified every precaution to protect your business and your information. All communication and files are encrypted through the highest industry standards and are fully backed by legally certified writing.
What if I don’t have a P&L?
A P&L is an important tool used to evaluate your business - but no need to worry! Our team will work with you to pull it together quickly. You can have this regardless of if you decide to sell to us or not.