unybrands is looking to grow it’s portfolio of category leading Amazon FBA and Shopify DTC brands.

Know someone looking to sell their Amazon FBA or Shopify DTC business?

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The process is simple, read below to learn how you can earn up to $500k for your referral.
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Introduce us to a friend or family member who owns an Amazon FBA or Shopify DTC brand.

We Acquire

We’ll have a call with them, help
 pre-qualify and see if there is mutual interest to move forward with the acquisition.
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You Get Paid

For any and all brands that we acquire, you will earn up to $500k for your referral.
Purchase Price
Referral Fee
Referral Fee Structure
Transaction Amount:
On the first $ 1,000,000
Range < $1M
Transaction Amount:
On the next $ 1,000,000
Range $1M - $2M
Transaction Amount:
On the next $ 1,000,000
Range: $2M - $3M
Transaction Amount:
On the next $ 1,000,000
Range: $3M - $4M
Transaction Amount:
Greater than $ 4,000,000
Range: $4M+
Why should I refer brands to unybrands? 
When you refer a brand to unybrands, not only do you have the chance to earn up to $500k in cash, but you’ll also be helping your friend, family or acquaintance looking to sell their business, sell to a brand who knows what they’re doing, has the seller’s best interest at heart, and can help take their brand to new heights.
How much will I earn?
We offer a very generous referral program with the opportunity for referrers to earn up to $500k depending on the type of business they refer! Check out the table below to see how much you can earn, or use the slider above to see an estimate of how much could land in your pocket.
Who is eligible to participate in the referral program? 
Anyone who has a direct relationship to an Amazon seller can participate in our referral program! Whether they’re your best friend, cousin, or an old colleague, simply follow the three step process, and if we end up acquiring the business you get a generous earn out.
Who can I contact to learn more?
Reach out to growth@unybrands.com and our team of experts will answer any and all questions you may have.
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