We are your best buyer:

Not only do we understand the power, growth potential and value of e-commerce brands on and off Amazon—we have years of experience in buying, integrating and building digital brands at a fast pace.

The new home for your
e-commerce brand

We work fast

We are reliable

We act with integrity


We work fast

We are reliable

We act with integrity

We reward every founder we buy from: for what you have already built and for its future worth in the hands of unybrands.

Leveraging the disruptive growth of online marketplaces and digital DTC stores—globally and across different platforms—enables you and us to win.

Our sweet spot? Satisfying consumers’ exploding demand for microbrands globally.




We like to learn from your brand’s success. For it to succeed even further, we come up with the best ideas—and provide the resources and capital to realize that growth. Understanding every brand’s individual potential—it’s what we pay for—we usually structure our transactions as all-cash-deals. If desired, we are also happy to become your long-term partner.


We have extensive financial firepower enabling us to deploy capital quickly—no external financing sources necessary.


We are serial acquirers of e-commerce, FBA and DTC stores—our team’s experience spans over 75+ years.


We know how to expand your business in a sustainable way—from data to supply chain optimization, we own everything it needs to do so.

We look for brands with strong long-term growth potential

With us, your company will accomplish much more than it could alone. Fostering lasting success stories across our ecosystem, we invest in digital microbrands with proven product quality.

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