Amazon FBA, Shopify DTC, WMT
e-commerce, you name it: With deep experience in online retail, consumer goods and M&A, we know how to successfully buy, build and boost brands.

Data and technology drive our decisions—and enable us to grow fast and thrive sustainably. With us, brands reach new heights—and stay at the very top of their game. Because we’re in it for the long haul.

Our Mission

We acquire your business and integrate it into our leading next-generation e-commerce platform




We are serial acquirers of e-commerce, Amazon FBA and DTC stores: We work fast, reliably, and with integrity. Our expert Buy-and-Build team will be by your side throughout the entire acquisition process.


We are technology and data-driven, and operate and scale globally. Once we have acquired your brand, it’s our turn to further develop and build it on our multichannel platform.


We focus on long-term growth, sustainability and responsibility—taking your company to the next level, we rely on significant e-commerce and consumer brand experience, as well as collaborations with best-in-class partners.

We operate globally, with our
headquarters located in Miami and
additional teams based in London, Berlin and Seattle. Our team is backed by successful growth and VC investors as well as European family offices allowing us to deploy our capital fast.

Our playbook-buy, build and boost–maximizes outcomes and minimizes risk.

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