Jul 9, 2021

Korion Morris on Joining unybrands

unybrands is a team of experienced, industry veterans with expertise across e-commerce, brand building, M&A, performance marketing and supply chain. They acquire Amazon FBA, e-commerce, and DTC (direct to consumer) brands and use their extensive know-how to scale them to new heights. The self-proclaimed "strategic acquirer" recently added Korion Morris to their team as a Senior Account Executive of Growth. In an interview with him, we talked about what drew him to unybrands, his experience with Amazon-native brands, and why he believes unybrands is uniquely positioned to win in this space.

Korion has had a long road to joining unybrands, which starts with his own business. In 2011, he founded his first business after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona (where he was a student-athlete). This business lasted five years before Korion, unfortunately, was diagnosed with cancer. After a year and a half of treatment, Korion was ready for his next adventure. In January of 2016, he joined RainGlobes as a founding employee. Based in Seattle, Washington, RainGlobes was inspired by a simple idea, a snow globe that could rain instead of snow.

The next few years saw the brand expand into several hundred brick-and-mortar locations, and eventually onto Amazon where they were a part of several key initiatives including Amazon Exclusives. In October of 2019, the teams’ hard work paid off and they signed an exclusive licensing agreement with a private equity backed gift and novelty brand. This served as the perfect opportunity for Korion to try something new. He moved to Zulily where he would spend the next 18-months working on strategic partnerships with some of the world’s largest brands. During that time, he noticed a shift in the industry with the emergence of strategic acquirers like Thrasio, “working in e-commerce I saw first-hand the emergence of aggregators and the amount of talent that was pouring into the space” Korion remembers, “once I realized the magnitude of the opportunity, I immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of this!

Korion joined unybrands in May of this year as employee number 7. He was drawn to unybrands by the quality of the executive team – their pedigree and experience, coupled with an opportunity to leverage his prior startup and FBA experience to build something special, “I joined unybrands because the team is building something special. You’re not often faced with an opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds around to disrupt an industry.” Continued Korion, “these are some of the smartest people I’ve met and they’re going about this in the right way.” Adding to the mix of experience is the global nature of the business, with team members located in Miami, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, London, Berlin, and China, “we’re truly a global team. When we acquire a brand, we’re not just looking at how we can improve the product or optimize PPC. We’re thinking about the brand in a truly global context…how can we take the founders vision and apply it on a global scale.

But Korion’s belief in unybrands positioning for long term success goes beyond their team and ability to scale brands globally:

“I think we’re well positioned to win in this space. The way that we go about developing relationships with founders, the fair offers that we provide, and the thought that we put into boosting the brands we acquire. It’s all great. We’re all aware of the amount of competition in this space but we believe that we’re going about this the right way. We’re asking the right questions and doing the right work.”

When asked what Korion hopes to see the team accomplish in the coming months his answer was simple, “continue to build on the momentum from H1…continue to create a high-performance culture that’s also inclusive and caring.”

Korion and other members of the unybrands team will be at Prosper in Las Vegas on July 14th and 15th. Stop by their booth to say hello.

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